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Free Consultation Call

Thank you for taking the first step towards living a Disease-Free, Pill-Free & Stress-Free life.

Trained in USA as an internal medicine doctor, I also bring in ancient yogic wisdom from India in the most authentic way and have developed a wholesome approach.

If any of the following resonate, I can help you!

  • Do you find yourself struggling with work life balance ?

  • Do you feel you are in the midst of a life transition?

  • Do you feel somewhat incomplete and feel there's more to life…

  • Do your relationships need some changes and improvements.

  • Do you feel you have a family history of illnesses and want to protect yourself ?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with tests, pills and medical information out there ?

  • Do you feel you have tried different methods of workout and nothing seems satisfactory ?

When you call me, I will share with you how my fusion approach works and help you create a better life.



blends my knowledge in modern medicine (15 years of work experience in US hospitals), ancient yoga and guided meditation. I can’t make anyone’s problem disappear but if you work with me I can prevent these problems from manifesting itself into chronic illnesses or mental health issues.

“As the name suggests, its not just yoga but a wholesome approach catered to all ages”

Monica Mirg, 49, Data Analyst, New jersey

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