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10-week program - Starts Jan 2023

Every Saturday 7:30am EST 

Recordings made available for practice

$350/One time payment


Weight Loss Program

Target audience

  1. People who have tried and failed routine diet & exercise

  2. Who wish to learn methods to train the mind for weight loss.

  3. If you are unable to sustain the lost weight for prolonged time

  4. If you are seeing fluctuation in weight periodically

  5. If obesity runs in family members

  6. If you are suffering from secondary conditions related to obesity

Key Focus

  1. To understand the significance of discipline & sadhana in daily life

  2. To be a better role model for your children, friends and others family members

  3. To develop self-love, confidence and achieve higher purpose in life

  4. To free oneself from obesity related illnesses like diabetes, cholesterol, hyper-tension, depression

  5. To develop a wholesome approach to both body and mind training

  6. To adopt a long term sustainable routine for daily workouts that is also enjoyable

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