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Does Face Yoga Work?

does face yoga work

Definitely “Yes,” Face Yoga works under the following conditions:

1.    Regular 5-minute practice before bedtime 

2.    Following the monthly planner as explained in my face yoga sessions

3.    Using the face oil, I recommended in the face yoga classes

4.    Supplementing this with good nutrition and breathwork

5.    Some people will need additional tools like a kansa wand or gua sha stone (which is explained in my face yoga sessions).


I have seen that when women get frustrated with face yoga, it's because they go for too many online tutors who either have less experience or teach things for FREE in order to attract followers. Such tutors do not recommend the right methods or prerequisites for obtaining desired results. 


Before you even start looking into face yoga, you must see whether you can commit to the practice and if you have all the right tools. So, if you are serious about starting your face yoga journey, you must prepare the following things below.

Preparation for FaceYoga

1.    Face oil (students who take my face yoga sessions get one bottle for FREE). The link to face oil will also be shared with you later.

2.    You should be able to allot 5 minutes of your time daily before going to bed. (it's not much to ask, and you can do them easily while watching TV).

3.    Ensure that you are not using other creams and unnecessary lotions that can hinder the progress with face yoga.

4.    Follow a diet inclusive of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables along with a plentiful intake of water which ideally must begin before you start face yoga practices.

5.    Women who are pregnant or during puberty must refrain from this practice because their skin is fragile due to hormonal changes. 

6.    Everyone else including men of age groups between 16 to 80 years, can safely practice this method with minimal side effects and get maximal benefits. 


Once you have done adequate preparation, then you are ready to start face yoga practices.

To make it more effective, check the Wellness With Sahila’s Face Yoga 6-session package. Allow 2-3 months of practice to start seeing the results on your face. Although many say, they begin to see results as soon as they begin the face yoga sessions. Enjoy, and best wishes for glowing & healthy-looking skin.

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