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"This book will help you integrate this ancient system of chakras with modern medicine to give you sufficient understanding of how this works and why this becomes the key to understanding the cause of several modern day illnesses."

Dr. Sahila

"I promise by the end of it you will have enough understanding of each of the chakras medically as well as spiritually and will be able apply that knowledge on yourself for purpose of healing."

Dr. Sahila

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"This book attempts to address the non medical view of cancer which majority of doctors are unable to relate to today. A few of those doctors acknowledge the helplessness ..."

Dr. Amrut Kadam

Professor & Head, Department for Radiation Oncology (BMC, Bangalore)

"This maybe the first book written on cancer with its understanding & approach to prevent and possibly cure cancer. Most importantly it focuses on how to heal"

Dr. Krishna Talavane

Founder & President of Indus valley Ayurveda Center (Mysore)


"This book is designed for people to understand their inner self. What is this inner self and how do we explore this with complete understanding? It will assist individuals who may be going through difficult times and often feel lost or helpless."

Dr. Sahila

"Most fail to recognize suffering seeds were sown long ago by one’s own search for happiness. This book walks you through 21 steps that you can take to reprogram your mind and help navigate against life’s storms"

Dr. Sahila

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