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Chakra Healing Program

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This is a unique course that explores the significance of Yoga Chakras and its relationship to our body, its endocrine organs and nerve plexus. In this course, students will discover the fascinating relationship of our body to the various Chakra imbalances that our Sages and Maharishis have been revealing over the ages. Today, we have physiological (sthula) correlations for all the Sukshma Chakras. Starting from the root Chakra at Muladhara to the highest Chakra at Sahasrara, students will learn asanas, pranayamas, mudras and mantras for balancing each Chakra along with in-depth explanations. Students will become familiar with complex yogic terms like kundalini, sushumna and samadhi. The course will show how these terms are even more significant now in the era of chronic conditions including Cancers, Diabetes and Covid infections. Course learning objectives of Chakra healing program. 1) Demonstrate Comprehensive Knowledge of Chakras 2) Apply Practical Techniques for Chakra Healing 3) Analyze Chakra Imbalances and Their Effects  4) Integrate Chakra Awareness into Holistic Lifestyle  5) Facilitate Personal and Spiritual Growth

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