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Let Dr. Sahila help you !

Discover the healing powers of Yoga, Meditation, Chakras and Ayurveda


Are you a beginner to Yoga ? No Problem....

Our Low Intensity SMART program (LIST) can be practiced using a chair. Its perfect for clients with Joint pain and want to get better


Want to meditate daily but unable to?

Dr. Sahila conducts daily guided meditation sessions that focuses on topics such as Yoga sutras.

These sessions conducted daily at 9pm EST, ideal for practice before going to bed !


Stressed about taking too many daily medications ? 

Through her various programs Dr. Sahila will help you understand the origin of your ailments. Her focus is on overall well-being rather than treating symptoms. She helps by combining the strengths of Modern medicine and Yoga

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“Dr. Sahila is unique as she brings together scientific background and the ancient yoga and meditation knowledge "

Amie,  Texas

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