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How Can Sahila Help?

Updated: Apr 2

I started “Wellness With Sahila” 3 years ago and have been practicing Wholesome Yoga and Meditation daily for more than 7 years. Now the most common question I get asked is - How can learning wholesome yoga and meditation through “Wellness with Sahila” help someone solve their life's challenges ?

When you are going through a challenging phase in your life, it is like you are in the middle of a scary jungle feeling lost and confused. In that confused state, your frantic search for an exit will yield no results and in fact, might lead you deeper into the jungle. There may be several paths to exit the jungle but there will also be several paths that take you deeper into the jungle and farther away from the exit. At that time you would wish you had a birds-eye view of the jungle. Few people will eventually figure a way out of the jungle or the challenges they face in their life. However, most would lose the battle and find themselves overwhelmed ending up with mental health issues.

Wholesome yoga and meditation program that I teach helps you get a birds-eye view of your own life and will help you navigate through your life’s challenges. The program will help you find that exit you are looking for. It helped me navigate my own life when I struggled with depression few years ago. It is an essential tool to face any challenges you might have, be it a disease you are fighting or a troubled relationship you are enduring, or a daily struggle that is weighing you down.

Spending an hour daily on practicing my methods of wholesome yoga and meditation would help you get the clarity you are looking for. Listening to my videos, podcast and my books or blogs increases your chances to find the exit from your life challenges quickly and safely.

how can sahila help

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