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How to Lower Blood Pressure Without Medication or Pills

lower blood pressure without medication pills

To control BP or bring your BP to lower values without using BP pills or medication, it is important to understand what reasons commonly cause high BP.

The Most Common Causes of High Blood Pressure

  1. Obesity

  2. Lack of exercise

  3. High salt intake (eating out often)

  4. Stressful lifestyle

  5. Insulin resistance

If you have checked your BP at least 3-4 times during various times of the week and if it remains consistently high meaning greater than 130/80 then you have high BP. It’s often-called a silent killer because most people with high BP have no symptoms unless it reaches a tremendously high value like 180 systolic or 100 diastolic and above.

If you have identified the cause of your BP, then half the problem is solved. Now, you need to fix the cause or remove the source of the problem. 

5 Pill-Free Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure Problem

1. Obesity

Please follow the sattvic diet in this link.

2. Lack of Exercise

Start yoga and pranayama. The best pranayama to lower BP is Chandra bedhan pranayama. To learn more, enroll in my summer pranayama program.

3. High Salt Intake or Eating Out Often

This makes you more susceptible to increased salt consumption. Any food (even if it’s organic in nature) if prepared outside of your kitchen, then you have no control over the salt in the preparation of it. So always cook or prepare food in your kitchen and this will allow you to improve your survival skills as well.

4. Stressful Lifestyles

The best way to handle this is to learn how to meditate.

Your stress can be in the form of anger or frustration towards your family members or colleagues, inability to meet deadlines at work, or even engaging in smoking and drinking often to overcome these stresses. 

The more you engage in these stressful lifestyles, the worse your BP will become over time, ending up in heart attacks, strokes, and other life-threatening conditions. To enroll in my meditation classes, click here.

5. Insulin Resistance

When you start practicing all of the above steps then your insulin resistance will improve, and automatically you will start losing weight, your BP will lower, your salt intake reduces, stresses disappear, and your insulin sensitivity will grow in leaps and bounds.

Give these methods a try for a minimum of 3-6 months, and you will not need BP pills anymore. For a private consultation 1 on 1 with me you can book here.

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