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The Purpose of Sahila

Updated: Apr 2

The Real purpose of Wellness with Sahila is to prevent the misery that is possibly ahead of us.

My mom had postpartum depression at age 17 (undiagnosed ) and later bipolar depression (also undiagnosed ). At age 30, she got diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (autoimmune disease) and at age 56 she developed the incurable brain cancer (Glioblastoma). It was then that I decided that no one deserves to live a miserable life or die a miserable death & founded "Wellness with Sahila" in 2019. My goal is to help people lead a disease-free life from this moment onwards until their last breath.

I’m starting weekly Wholesome Group Guided Meditation sessions from March (Sunday mornings). Topics like anger, marital distress, depression, sleep issues and several day today stresses will be discussed in an open interactive manner (both in person and online).

Please pass on this message to others who may benefit . To enroll click on the link below 👇🏽 and join wholesome meditation.

wellness with sahila purpose

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