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How to Identify the Symptoms of Blocked Chakras

symptoms of blocked chakras

There are 7 chakras in the human body which are directly connected to the higher illuminated centers in the brain.

The first chakra is called muladhara. Mula means base, and adhara means support. It is situated on the pelvic floor and corresponds to the coccygeal plexus of nerves. In the masculine body, it lies between the urinary and excretory openings. In the feminine body, it is situated inside the posterior surface of the cervix.

Muladhara is the first spiritual evolution where human beings go beyond animal consciousness and hence is the last chakra in the completion of animal evolution. From muladhara chakra upwards lie the higher chakras which are concerned with illumination and evolution of higher consciousness or superhuman being.

The second chakra is the swadhisthana, located at the uterus or womb in feminine body. In a masculine body its 2 fingers breadths above the muladhara and corresponds to the sacral plexus of nerves.

The third chakra or manipura is situated at the level of the naval and controls the metabolism, digestion and assimilation in our body. If the bottom 3 chakras are functioning at their optimum level, and if the individual has high prana or energy then he is capable of producing something called Ojas.

Anahata chakra, or heart, is the fourth chakra, which lies in the vertebral column behind the heart at the level of the sternum and corresponds to the cardiac plexus. It controls the functions of the circulatory system and is tied up closely with the immune system. The love experienced in Anahata is not object oriented or sexual love. It’s pure and unconditional, very much like the love the mother has for her unborn child. She may not know the sex or the looks of the baby, nor does she know if the baby will love her back. Yet the sacrifices she makes and the commitment she undertakes to protect him or her for a period of 40 weeks are commendable.

The fifth chakra is vishuddhi at the level of the throat corresponding to the thyroid gland and cervical plexus of nerves. This is where the higher level of consciousness begins to emanate and hence becomes the link between the physical body below and the mental body above situated in the area of the neck. The agna, or sixth chakra, is in the midline of the brain, and this has been more extensively explained in the previous chapters (Kundalini yoga). Tantra and yoga on this level is a huge part of kundalini awakening, which has more complete control over one’s life and purpose.

Sahasrara or seventh chakra is the supreme culmination of kundalini shakti and the highest seat of awareness. It is situated in the region of the pituitary gland and corresponds to the region of brahmarandra or the gateway to heaven. This is a passage where life enters and exits the body and also which essentially controls every other endocrine organ and system in the body below. 

What happens when chakras are blocked?

Let’s draw an analogy of chakra blocking, imbalance, or misalignment to the functioning of electric bulbs. Just as a bulb requires the switch to be turned on for it to light up, chakras also need to be activated and function optimally. 

However, various factors can hinder the smooth flow of energy, resulting in chakra imbalances. To understand the flow of energy in the chakras, it is important to consider the channels through which this energy travels, known as Nadis. These are analogous to the wires or cables that run across to the bulbs.

Hence, the Nadis can be compared to electrical circuits, where positive and negative currents flow. In the case of the chakras, the energy flows through these channels in the form of Prana Shakti (life force energy) and Manas Shakti (mental energy). 

According to Tantra, there are said to be 72,000 Nadis or channels that intersect at various chakras, allowing the energy to pass through them. Among these Nadis, three main channels play a significant role: Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. Ida represents feminine and lunar energy, while Pingala represents masculine and solar energy. The central channel, Sushumna, is where the balance and integration of these energies occur.

chakras dr korotkov

Above, you can see the picture taken from chakra analysis by a GDV machine which was invented by a Russian scientist, Dr. Korotkov.

Gas Discharge visualization technique is computer registration and analysis of the gas discharge glow of any biological objects placed in a high intensity electromagnetic field.

 When a scan is conducted, a weak electrical current is applied to the fingertips for less than a millisecond. The skin’s response to this stimulus is the formation of a variation of an “electron cloud” composed of light energy photons. The electronic “glow” of this discharge, which is invisible to the human eye, is captured by the camera system and then transmitted and translated back into graphical representations to show energy, stress, and vitality evaluations.

You can see that the individual’s Manipura chakra is blocked severely. The other chakras, like vishuddhi and swadhisthana have a mild blockage. This person had many manipura related problems like diabetes, obesity, high BP and so on which were essentially metabolic related issues. So, unblocking this particular chakra can eliminate the root cause of all his/her metabolic problems.

When a chakra is under-functioning, over-functioning, or imbalanced, it indicates that the energy is not flowing fully or harmoniously through that particular chakra. This disruption in energy flow can manifest as physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalances.

In order to restore balance and heal the chakras, chakra healing practices become necessary. Chakra healing techniques aim to remove blockages, restore the free flow of energy, and bring the chakras back into a state of alignment. This can be achieved through various practices such as meditation, breathwork, yoga, sound healing, energy healing, certain foods or activities, and working with specific chakra healing tools and techniques.

How to identify blocked chakras in a cost-effective manner?

I do not recommend one to buy the GDV scanner because it's expensive (2500-3000$). You can easily get your chakras analyzed by submitting the chakra quizzes on my website using Yes/No answers. 

Once I derive your score, I give you a 10-step approach to unblocking your chakras. This process of having your chakra quizzes read and analyzed by me will cost you only $125. Take the chakra quizzes today!

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