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Tantra and Sex

Updated: Jun 17

tantra sex

Sex and sexual orgasm are topics that often remain taboo in public discussions. While there is a general awareness of a connection between sexual orgasm and tantra, it can be challenging to find accurate information or have open conversations about it. In this narrative, I aim to shed light on the complete story of tantra and sexual energy.


In tantra, sex and orgasm are viewed as inherently divine. The primal desire for sex and the resulting orgasm carry a sense of sacredness. It is difficult to put into words, but there is a profound reflection of the divine in the sexual act within the realm of tantra. This perspective may sound controversial to some people who are religious, but it holds true in the practice of tantra yoga.


It is true that sexual energy is a powerful and fundamental force that we can all relate to. It is the only energy that has the ability to create new life or offspring. You, me, and all the billion people on this planet are the outcome of this sexual energy. Moreover, sexual energy is a universal and accessible force that permeates all forms of life, from the lowest to the highest, including human beings. This energy has the unique ability to bring instant joy and pleasure to individuals, transcending differences of race, religion, power, and wealth. However, it is also unfortunate that sexual energy is often taken for granted and not regarded as sacred or divine as it should be.


From a spiritual and scientific standpoint, all the aspects mentioned above hold truth and are mere facts of life. Recognizing the spiritual and scientific significance of sexual energy can help us develop a deeper appreciation for its inherent divinity and harness its power in a more conscious and meaningful manner.


It is true that many individuals do not fully recognize or accept the truth about sexual energy. Only a handful of people have understood its complete spectrum. For most people today, it may be seen as a casual pastime, like a fun activity or a mere survival necessity. Others may have negative associations with sexual energy due to past traumatic experiences such as abuse or rape. And for some, it may simply be viewed as a means to procreate.


The lack of recognition of sexual energy as a distinct and powerful energy is indeed prevalent in all societies today, whether modern or ancient. However, as a doctor, yogi, and healer, when I refer to sexual energy as an energy in its own right, it may resonate with certain individuals and prompt them to see it from a different perspective. Suddenly, you may realize its significance and understand the medical and spiritual aspects of this energy, and I will take you through its complete range of colors and emotions.


By acknowledging sexual energy as a unique and powerful force, we can begin to explore its true nature, harness its potential, and cultivate a deeper understanding of its impact on our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This realization can lead to a more conscious and respectful approach towards sexual energy and its role in our lives. For those who wish to delve deeper into this subject, I encourage you to start by exploring the sacredness of sexual energy. By gradually embracing its divine nature and recognizing its inherent power, you can begin to unlock the transformative potential of tantric yoga. It is important to note that this goes beyond just experiencing orgasm; it involves the profound union that occurs within the Sahasrara, or the crown chakra. It is through this understanding and practice that the true powers of tantric yoga can be experienced.

What is this sexual union?


Approaching one’s spouse should mirror the reverence and respect we show towards a temple. For a woman, her husband’s body is akin to a sacred temple, and for a man, his wife’s body holds the same significance. It is essential to treat each other’s bodies with love and respect, as they provide the gateway to experiencing moments of bliss and true joy. While this bliss may be temporary, it is a genuine, real, and fulfilling experience. There is no need to feel shy or embarrassed about desiring this state of bliss. It is a realm of fantasy that can be explored with your partner, allowing one’s partner to guide you into a world of fleeting moments filled with delight and ecstasy.


Absolutely, the love shared between 2 partners can be likened to Muladhara love, originating at the base of the spine. It has the power to awaken and elevate our sexual energy. Through this connection, we begin to acknowledge and believe in the existence of hidden energy within ourselves. It is interesting to note that one can actually experience orgasmic sensations even before engaging in sexual intercourse via masturbation. However, you must be aware that the release of energy during masturbation differs from the energy and bliss that a loving partner can provide. Of course, it is crucial to have an understanding and supportive partner, as an abusive partner can indeed diminish the entire experience and ruin one’s well-being negatively. It is essential to prioritize healthy and respectful relationships to fully embrace the transformative potential of intimate connections.


Indeed, the orgasmic experience can be seen as a glimpse of samadhi, albeit in a rudimentary form. Unlike other pleasures in life today that may require electronic gadgets, books, or recreational drugs, this experience arises naturally when love is present, and bodies unite. It triggers a spontaneous ignition of the inner fire, activating the formless, shapeless, and indescribable energy within us. While words like ecstasy, bliss, and joy may attempt to capture the essence of this divine experience, they ultimately fall short of truly conveying its profound nature. The experience itself transcends linguistic boundaries and opens us up to a realm beyond words.


Indeed, the process of sexual union allows one to truly comprehend and embrace the possibility of experiencing such profound bliss. It enables individuals to recognize that the power of sexual energy exists within their own bodies, just as it exists within others. That is why it becomes deeply personal when someone is told that they cannot conceive a child. Hearing such news from a doctor, being informed of impotence or infertility, can be incredibly disheartening, and many cultures see it as a form of personal humiliation. It feels as if one’s vitality and existence are being questioned, as though their life force has been extinguished or deactivated by a higher power. This news carries a profound impact on a spiritual level, as it challenges one’s sense of purpose and ability to create life.


Indeed, these precious moments of sexual energy while in the sexual act can be likened to deep meditation. While experiencing samadhi, one enters a state of profound meditation without the need to engage in sexual activity with another person. The key distinction is that the union occurs in Sahasrara, the higher chakra, rather than the lower chakra of muladhara (survival or root chakra). Muladhara sex can be seen as a mere trailer, offering a glimpse of what lies ahead. The true essence, the full movie, is found in Sahasrara, a realm that yogis, rishis, and saints have sought after for centuries. They dedicate themselves, sacrificing everything, to catch a glimpse of the complete picture rather than settling for the mere trailer experienced by others at the lower chakra.


In the state of samadhi, one can imagine a prolonged period of ecstasy or orgasm, as long as desired. This state transcends all thoughts, allowing for a profound experience devoid of any mental distractions. It is a state of pure consciousness, where the mind is free from the clutter of thoughts and attains a state of ultimate stillness and tranquility. Step back into the sexual act once again at the level of Muladhara.


During the peak of sexual arousal, as one approaches orgasm, the mind tends to become completely empty. Past failures and worries about the future fade away. The focus becomes purely on the present moment, intense yet detached from the concerns of the outside world. It is as if everything else becomes an illusion, a mere projection of Reality.


In this heightened state, one may even question the reality of the orgasm itself. It can be a perplexing experience, prompting individuals to wonder how something so intense and transformative can be so REAL. Emotions can be overwhelming, leading some to shed tears, while others may feel a sense of detachment from the physical body and the mind, feeling distant from this existence.


This sexual ecstasy, where there is a sense of void or vacuum accompanied by a freeze of the mind and body, is indeed intriguing. However, achieving such a state of lasting, permanent bliss without depending on another human being is a profound quest that is attained in samadhi. It involves delving into the realms of tantric yoga, the ultimate union between Shiva and Shakti, which occurs in Sahasrara, the crown chakra.


Samadhi in tantric yoga represents the merging of masculine and feminine energies within oneself, transcending duality and reaching a state of pure unity. It is a state of profound stillness and awareness where the mind and body cease to be the focal points of our experience. In this state, one can experience a deep sense of aliveness and connectedness despite the absence of thoughts, bodily sensations, or individual identity.


Indeed, the momentary energy that rises and reaches the Sahasrara in the state of samadhi is known as Kundalini. When this energy resides in the Muladhara, it takes on the form of Mohini or Maya. The journey of harnessing and guiding this energy to its full potential is a profound practice that is often associated with tantra. As one begins to understand the sacredness of sexual energy and delves into the realm of tantra, the simplicity and complexity of this practice become apparent. For those who have reached the Sahasrara, the full realization of sexual energy and ecstasy becomes indescribable and yet unattainable for common people. The yogis who have dedicated themselves to this spiritual path understand the depth and intricacies of this practice. Indeed, the journey from fleeting moments of pleasure to a permanent state of bliss is a profound aspiration. It is true that many individuals today still struggle to experience even the basic form of sexual love or what I call Muladhara love. We witness stories of breakups, divorces, abuses, rapes, affairs, and various challenges related to sexual energy. It may seem perplexing that all these experiences revolve around a temporary fleeting moment of joy.


A spouse who you once considered your soul mate is now your enemy for the rest of your life since you found out he is having an affair. Is this a representation of modern love showing your possession or extension of your personal right, or an implementation of legal rights? Modern love and sexual rights in a relationship is a multifaceted concept that can vary greatly from person to person. It encompasses emotional connections, trust, and mutual respect between partners. When infidelity occurs, it can shatter the foundation of love and trust, leading to feelings of betrayal and animosity.


On the other hand, the path of tantra goes beyond mere fleeting pleasures and dives into the realm of transformation. It offers the opportunity to harness and elevate sexual energy, leading to a profound exploration of one’s body, mind, and consciousness. Through tantra, we learn to cultivate a harmonious union within ourselves, unlocking the potential for profound and lasting states of bliss.


Tantra is that perfect love. It represents the consummation of the divine energies of Shiva and Shakti, which arise from within us. Through the practice of tantra, we can tap into this sacred union and experience profound states of love, bliss, and transcendence. As we enter into this state, we also become vessels for immense energy and power. Both Mohini and Kundalini stem from the same source or womb, the creative energy of the universe. However, Kundalini, when fully activated, can be incredibly potent and intense, surpassing the power of any other form of sexual energy and Mohini. One is raw like coal, while another is polished like diamond. This is why many tantric are drawn to and seek to harness this powerful force. The reason why rishis and maharishis meditate upon this energy is because they recognize its transformative potential.


The journey from Mohini to Kundalini involves traversing the seven chakras, each representing a profound energetic shift. The disparity in energy between the two is vast, like the difference between the sky and the earth. To embark on the path of tantra, it is essential to first embrace the elemental truth of the sacredness of love at the level of Muladhara. Accepting the divinity of sex and honoring its power requires us to refrain from dissipating this energy recklessly. We must recognize it as a divine force, just as we acknowledge and revere God and the creations of the divine. The more we wholeheartedly accept this truth, the closer we come to awakening and harnessing the potential of Kundalini energy.


Suppressing or denying this truth, feeling shame or embarrassment about our sexual energy, or misusing it for displays of masculine power only distances us further from the divine Kundalini. It is crucial to approach our sexual energy with reverence, understanding, and conscious awareness. By doing so, we cultivate a deeper connection to our own divinity and pave the way for the awakening of Kundalini.


It is true that someone who fails to understand or embrace the depths of sexual love may struggle to comprehend the essence and potential of Kundalini energy. To truly tap into and harness this energy, one must first come to terms with the entirety of life and acknowledge the truth of their origin. It is essential to recall here that we all enter this world through the channel of sexual energy. Therefore, it is crucial not to underestimate or misuse this energy. The union at the Muladhara chakra represents the raw potential, like coal, while the union at the Sahasrara chakra represents the refined and transcendent state, akin to a diamond. Both stem from the same source, but the power and potential they hold can vary vastly.


Purity in the heart, sincerity in action, and divinity in mind is the state of Kundalini.


Creativity is the greatest rebellion of existence - Osho

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