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Fusion Individualized Special Therapy

Discover the power of tailored treatments that combine the best of multiple therapeutic modalities. It's time to experience a whole new level of healing and transformation.


One size doesn't fit all when it comes to therapy. That's why our fusion individualized special therapy is a game-changer. We blend different therapeutic techniques, creating a customized journey that caters to your unique needs.

Get ready to unlock your inner potential

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What is Included

  • Daily in-person yoga meditation sessions

  • Daily individual counselling/discussions

  • Daily sattvic diet provided (both lunch and dinner)

  • Daily simple assignments (writing journals or researching about yoga and wellness

  • Much more


  • To help you understand how mind-body illnesses occur and develop a deeper understanding of one’s own body.

  • To enable healing to happen in the most natural way without the need for pills or surgeries.

  • If you are already on pills then you can continue taking them, but the goal will be to decrease the dosage and ultimately make you pill free.

  • To enable you to help other people heal who are also struggling with similar issues like yours.

  • To help you progress in your life and gain confidence so you can achieve your future goals.

  • Enable to learn yoga and meditation therapy up close and initiate you on daily sadhana (daily discipline).

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