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ORPHAN KIDS CRISIS due to COVID- The number of orphan kids or kids separated from birth families have increased tremendously in India. My team is working very hard to help such kids and provide them temporary shelter at the orphanage until the situation normalizes. Some of them may end up becoming orphans forever. These innocent kids need our help and support during this most crucial time.  Our goal is to ensure that no kid is left on streets begging. Please extend your humble support in raising funds and together we can be their lost family. 

FEED THE HUNGRY KID - Me and my team have been personally involved in running the food center for kids called- FEED THE HUNGRY KID in Bangalore, Vellore and a few upcoming food centers in other places in India. We provide fresh healthy home cooked food to nearly 50 kids every Saturday and Sunday (free of cost). These children have been handpicked and selected by my team from the local slums. We see a tremendous improvement in their nutritional status and physical growth enabling them to go to school and learn more. Currently we are targeting children between 5-15 years of age. Food donation or Annadhanam is the best form of donation. 

I pledge that every rupee or cent you donate will go to fund either of the above 2 projects.

Here are some pics of the food donation camps done on weekend.

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