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Not Happy in Your Marriage? 12 Secrets Simplified

Updated: Apr 2

secrets happy marriage

According to a 75 year-long Harvard study, the key to happiness lies in your relationships and here are 12 secrets to a happy marriage simplified for the current generation.

12 Secrets to a Happy Marriage Simplified

  1. Husband and wife are being a mirror image of each other's marital satisfaction.

  2. Marriage can push you to the extreme but that’s the only way one can increase the tenacity in your marriage.

  3. Stop playing the victim card.

  4. Its not the kind of marriage that matters but the intention of the marriage is what matters most.

  5. No one should force a marriage upon anyone be it a spouse, child, friend or sibling.

  6. How to help someone make a conscious decision about their marriage?

  7. Today couples choose to have an affair over having that uncomfortable conversation with their spouse.

  8. The 4 steps to initiate self-therapy for distressed couples.

  9. The most important cause for mental illnesses in middle aged married couples is the lack of satisfaction in their marriages.

  10. Live your marriage consciously if you can or stay single until you are ready.

  11. If consciousness is like the air we breathe then marriage is like the food we eat.

  12. The final secret to equal partnership.

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