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How to Open Your Chakras for Beginners

how to unblock your chakras

Chakra means a wheel. In yoga, this wheel represents the circle of life flowing through all aspects of existence. At the inner core of each one of us, there spins 7 wheel-like energy centers called chakras. The concept of Chakras has been existent in India since the time of Vedas (6 century BC). Chakras are organizing centers for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life energies. When we understand that our body is a vehicle of consciousness, chakras become the wheels of life that carry this vehicle through its trials and transformations within our body and mind. 

My method of opening chakras is less of a mystical one and more of a scientific one. When you start recognizing how individual chakras are associated with individual endocrine organs, individual nerve plexus and individual systems( like respiratory system or digestive system) , understanding how to open chakras becomes natural..


What is a blocked chakra?


A blocked chakra is called Granthi or knot. This knot is more in a spiritual sense, meaning we are stuck in a wrong relationship, wrong marriage, a wrong job, a wrong situation, or simply a wrong habit that we don’t like or are unable to accept or detach for a long time. This kind of blockage leads to the underdevelopment of a chakra. When the lower chakras are underdeveloped then the chakras lying above them are unable to open. At times, we also call this an imbalance of a chakra. You will find most yoga schools using the words blocked, unopened, and imbalance interchangeably. 


A well balanced chakra is when there is appropriate give and take allowing free flow of energy through the central passage called sushumna.

how to open your chakras for beginners


10 Techniques to Unblock Chakras


1. Specific asanas related to each chakras. For example, malasana for muladhara chakra unblocking.

2. Pranayama or breathing technique related to each chakra. For example, kapala bhati kriya for manipura chakra unblocking.

3. Bandhas for channeling the energy into a central passage called sushumna. For example, jalandhara bandha for unblocking vishuddhi chakra.

4. Diet rich in enhancing specific chakra. For example, mangoes, bananas or yellow rich food for unblocking manipura.

5. Activities known to unblock a specific chakra. For example, walking bare feet to unblock muladhara.

6. Daily meditation using mantra for specific chakra. For example, VAM mantra for unblocking swadhisthana chakra.

7. Upasana on a specific deity for unblocking chakra. For example, puja and rituals for Lord hanuman for unblocking anahata chakra.

8. Charity activities for unblocking specific chakra. For example, involved in community projects like water cleansing or digging wells in barren lands to unblock swadhisthana chakra.

9. Repaying your Hrin or debt to unblock all chakra. For example,helping your guru grow and reach wider groups of people to unblock lower chakras.

10. Change of house or place or country to unblock chakra. For example, moving from cold dark places to tropical rich sunshine places to unblock manipura chakra.


For more understanding and detailed information on each chakra please read my book Chakra handbook available on Amazon or simply enroll in my chakra healing program. There is also an upcoming chakra immersion program conducted in Florida for hands-on workshops and individual consultations.

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