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What is Unique About My Wholesome Yoga Sessions?

Updated: Apr 2

wholesome yoga session

Here are things that you can learn only in wholesome yoga classes conducted by me and not in any other yoga schools in USA or INDIA.

  1. Kundalini yoga- Learn the importance of ancient kundalini styles of yoga that is hardly taught in modern yoga schools today.

  2. Chakra healing – Understand which chakras are likely blocked in people with certain diseases and what methods you can employ to bring those chakras into balance.

  3. Modern medicine- since I’m a licensed internal medicine doctor, you can learn all about the advantages and disadvantages of modern medicine .

  4. Basic Ayurveda- Learn more about the gunas, doshas, marmas and other healthy lifestyle practices of Ayurveda that most yoga schools in your neighborhood have no information about.

  5. Asana with props- Learn the most contemporary way to being healthy by utilizing props like blocks, chair, towel, bands and which makes each class interesting and avoid repetition.

  6. Face yoga- Save money and pain by avoiding aesthetics, salons and other painful procedures by learning the techniques of face yoga.

  7. Longevity training- Learn secrets to longevity that is disease free as well as pill free. This is a concept that is hardly taught in any yoga school.

  8. Raja yoga- Training the mind is given utmost focus in the meditation section during the last 15 minute of every yoga class and here I will fuse ancient wisdom with modern medicine to suit the millennials mindsets.

  9. Blogs and podcasts- Be inspired to lead a healthy lifestyle by utilizing the blogs and podcasts for free that is written from years of experiences as a doctor and yogini

To explore a wholesome way to learn yoga, get in touch with me or enroll in my classes.

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