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Pill Free
Stress Free
Disease Free

Bridge the gap between Science & Spirituality

About Me

Founder's Story

Most of us have experienced the burdens of stress, where true happiness and physical wellness can feel elusive despite outward achievements.

I too have walked this path, personally acquainted with bi-polar depression despite professional success as a doctor. My mental struggles impacted my physical health as well.

My transformative journey was guided by both my medical expertise and daily spiritual practice of yoga and meditation. Through perseverance, I finally forged a new path filled with daily joy and freedom from dependence on medication alone.

This healing process unveiled my purpose - to extend a helping hand to those in similar struggle, by illuminating the connection between mind and body.


Through my fusion-based programs integrating modern and ancient wisdom, I aim to empower people to live pill-free, stress-free and disease-free lives in harmony with self and nature.